The events in Odessa at 16 October 2021

Zakritta to the festival "Green hvilya" -2021 / Evening of metaphors

16 October 2021, 16:00
category: literary evening
place: Literary Museum (Lanzheronovskaya str., 2)

#zapidtrimkiUKF Zakritta to the festival "Zelena hvilya" -2021  Evening of metaphors 16 Zhovtnya, Saturday, 16.00-18.00, Odessa Literary Museum "Happy daughter uyavi is a metaphor, people are met by mittєvim spalakh іntuitsії, they are aware of the trivial trivia of the front" (Federiko Garcia Lorka)  Zakrittya to the festival, which was formed during the summer and autumn seasons, we saw it as an unprecedented literary evening. The main hero will be a metaphor - uyav's daughter, mother of poetry. Vlashtuєmo їy benefit! Visvitlimo її role in literature and in our perception.  The evening will be like champagne, you can do it in a metaphorical way, and you will look at the mutual speeches. Let’s try to get back to the richness of the metaphor. Let's talk about the kings of metaphor. Knowingly beautiful metaphors of world literature. Posluhamo, as a metaphor to sound in music. Vlashtuєmo fond of metaphor. Show "Shop of metaphors" of the current Odessa writers.  Program participants are people of literature, science and art: writers, singers, literary scholars, museum workers, artists and musicians. Partner of the programs "Evening of Metaphors" - Odessa Literary Museum. The festival will be held at the side of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.  I would like to ask you who cares about literature to send “Evening of Metaphors”. ✔ Enter the city, just behind the mind before the front re-strata - there are many places surrounded, the museum can take no more than 70 glances from the Golden Hall. ✔ Be mindful of simple steps: Be affectionate, put "go" and ochіkuyte on a personal request.

The poster of the event — Zakritta to the festival "Green hvilya" -2021 / Evening of metaphors in Literary Museum