The events in Odessa at 17 October 2021


17 October 2021, 16:00
category: party
place: MAGIC PILL Beauty Salon Showers (st. Richelievskaya, 38)

⁉️ Autumn has come in your relationship? ⠀ ⁉️⁉️ Periodically, there is a coolness and the bitterness of misunderstanding is felt? ⠀ ⁉️Your Man stopped listening and hearing you? ⠀ ⁉️ One gets the impression that your World is falling apart? ⠀ ⁉️You are no longer inspired to spend your free time together and you want to go somewhere, run away, hide, not communicate? ⠀ Do you want to be left alone and not touched anymore? ⠀ Have you even lost the acuity of impressions and nights of love no longer bring sweet inspiration and satisfaction for both? ⠀ You are no longer here, but you are not there yet and you don’t know WHERE, HOW and WITH WHOM you should move on? ⠀ Does your mood often change and you stay in +, then in -? ⠀ Is your partner more and more silent and are you tired of finding explanations for all this in your head? ⠀ Maybe it's time to clarify the situation and stop playing hide and seek with each other? ⠀ Perhaps right now the THAT period of your life has come when you can take off your masks and finally find out WHAT MEN ARE SILENTING ABOUT? ⠀ Just for you  we have prepared a space - a women's party "DRESS AND HEALS PARTY ODESSA"! ⠀ ✅ WHAT IS WAITING FOR YOU ??? Our program is full of surprises, varied and consists of 4 parts⤵️ Part 1 Temple of Sound "sound-hilling Hang + sound nadabrama meditation Part 2 Tantra is the master of the All-Light. Kundalini and Meditation with a Tambourine "Energy of the Earth"  Svadhisthana tantra and meditation"Transformation of Sexual Energy"  Tantra Anahata - opening of the spiritual heart. Heart rhythms. Ways to open the spiritual heart.  The program will be interesting for those who want to discover unlimited sources of energy, improve relationships with the opposite sex, develop magnetism, and gain knowledge about the ancient art of love. ⠀ WE WILL BE GLAD TO SEE YOU ⠀ At #dressandhealspartyodessa you will learn AND go through proven ENVIRONMENTAL practices and techniques for high-quality interaction with a partner! Meditations that will help you to fold all your puzzles into beautiful new laces and show awareness of how YOU can move to a NEW LEVEL OF PARTNERSHIP RELATIONSHIP! We put + under this post and I will send you all the information 

The poster of the event — #dressandheelspartyodessa in MAGIC PILL Beauty Salon Showers