The events in Odessa at 16 October 2021

anti-cellulite wraps Ineldea / Spitsyna Diana

16 October 2021, 10:00
category: seminar/training
1500 UAH
place: Location (look in the description)

Duration 1 day (8 hours) Cost - 1500 hryvnia, of which 500 are reservations for the purchase of drugs For all questions write to 0963694509 (Viber) Pre-registration is required Workshop for masseurs and cosmetologists "INELDEA anti-cellulite programs" You will receive new knowledge and techniques from the Laboratoires INELDEA brand coach and learn more about Laboratoires INELDEA products. Upon graduation, an INELDEA Massage Academy Certificate is issued 9 reasons to register for the INELDEA training workshop: 1- Practical business advice from INELDEA brand coaches on spa packaging and profitability. 2- Working on medical French A-class cosmetics with a high degree of bioavailability! 3- 100% learning = practice. 4- Practicing the technique of procedures by the participants on each other allows you to evaluate the effectiveness and practicality of the technology. 5- At the workshop, bonus techniques from the INELDEA brand coach are given. 6- You will receive protocols of procedures and practical recommendations for the use of effective additional means for correcting weight and solving specific health disorders from INELDEA. 7- Ability to make a purchase at discounted prices 8- International certificate of the Academy of Massage INELDEA. 9- Receiving both training and procedures for the price of one wrap session in the salon The advantages of the applied technologies: 1. Cleanliness of wraps (do not require rinsing); 2. Warming up without phlebological contraindications;3. Cosmetics do not disturb cellular respiration, the client does not have a desire to take a shower; 4. Combination of wrapping technology with special massage techniques; 5. High efficiency, guaranteed result; 6. Hypoallergenic (organic status!) Applied techniques: Lymphatic drainage massage, anti-cellulite wrap, anti-cellulite massage, occlusive therapeutic wraps (varicose veins, arthritis, osteochondrosis ...), zone massage spa techniques (head, ears, feet, hands ...). About brand coach Diana Spitsyna is a practicing massage master, co-founder of the #NEW YORK beauty studio, founder of the MySkin laser hair removal and massage studio, brand coach of the INELDEA Massage Academy, twice silver medalist of the PRESTIGE international championship, participant and nominee of international massage competitions. He constantly studies and hones his skills in various areas of bodily practices - psychology, kinesiology, osteopathy, nutritional science. Ineldea Massage Academy, st. Uspenskaya, 67/69

The poster of the event — anti-cellulite wraps Ineldea / Spitsyna Diana in Location