The events in Odessa at 16 October 2021

Contact of worlds: setting up measures in alliances

16 October 2021, 10:00
category: seminar/training
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I experience the greatest inspiration by creating conditions for people to meet with a secret place of power and knowledge, with a point of choice, with a condition of integrity beyond concepts. By my intention and practice of the Natural Approach, changes are being made that bring clarity and change the scenarios of life. I would be glad to meet with those who resonate with the Natural Approach at an open workshop in Odessa "Contact of the Worlds: Setting Measures in Unions" on October 16-17. Focus of the meeting: - to establish the proportions of freedom and connectedness; - create a living field of warmth and recognition; - expand compatibility instead of codependency; - to open sources of energy for the integration of differences; - to be guided by the heart in the place of the usual defenses. Schedule: October 16 10.00 - 19.00, October 17 10.00 - 19.00. Many phenomena can be viewed as "another world". Relationship partners, parents, colleagues, values, aspirations, and even internal dialogue. Quite often we experience a collision - of meanings, motives and views. Cultural patterns, communication strategies and personal effectiveness are not enough today. The old landmarks are decently shaken, the new ones have not yet received recognized forms. All the more valuable is the desire to be in constructive alliances, intimacy, recognition and co-creation. Natural nature that changes destiny, frees us from difficulties and opens up opportunities - this is what we learn to turn to in moments of ignorance and exciting challenges. What will we do:- to master the potential of otherness, a subtle and significant evolutionary challenge; - to distinguish between the boundaries of difficulties, as the boundaries of love; - to rely on being, at points where thinking is not enough. Interacting with the world with the tools of the Natural Approach will help revitalize relationships, create rootedness in unexpected events, and give greater involvement. NATURAL APPROACH ™ is an event energy management system, a powerful diagnostic and transformational tool. An evolutionary nascent way of thinking in the early metamodern era. Thanks to him, we open invisible connections, answer urgent questions and manage the development of events. MODERATOR: Oleg Linetskiy. Creator and master of the Natural Approach. Mystic, author, philosopher, trainer, therapist (integral, transpersonal, procedural direction). In the past he was an entrepreneur. Expert on Eternal Philosophy. He studied advaita and tantra in India, Buddhism in Nepal, shamanism in Peru, integral thinking in the USA. For over ten years he has researched and integrated mystical approaches from various spiritual traditions. Spent thousands of hours of individual and group work with EP methods. Teaches the ability to make wise and creative decisions, predict development scenarios, manage the energy of events. Cost of participation: 6000 UAH - until 1.10.21; 7000 UAH - until 15.10.21. Discounts: 10% for participants of previous EP programs, nonresident and couples. To register, you must pay 50% of the cost. Contact for registration, clarification of details, questions: Natalia, 067 255 62 77

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