The events in Odessa at 15 October 2021

Myth about a young month. Sana Shakhmuradova

15 October 2021, 19:00
category: exhibition
place: The Museum of modern art (Belinskogo St., 5)

15.10 about 19:00 in Muzeon a personal show of Sani Shakhmuradova "Myth about a young month"  Ludin's powerfully shouted, how she could have become obscene yak "truth"; it’s fair to live. Styles of disclosure about prompting light and versatile ontological concepts, which explain the principle, a meaningful world to shape our vision as individuals and develop on all spheres of the social. Myth as an informal form of a trivial hour with a universal and most overwhelming system, which explained the meaning of the phenomena and physical appearances that we experience. That is right, it’s a myth, having pushed aside from the point of view of people in the whole system, creating a basic plot for an assimilated understanding. Is it possible to simulate a mythical symbolic system for the establishment of new, individual identity models of sound In his artistic practice, Sana Shakhmuradov is able to perceive the phenomenon of myth through visual images and plot, as instinctively - on an equal reflex - perceived as a mythological movement, in the form of a visual representation of the image. The artist vibrates her symbolic system in an inductive way: by correcting from the images of the byte mythology, mentioned in the family traditions, and through a special dream-like interpretation of the stories of the author, the author is able to adapt to the way of the archeological collectives.The dominant themes in the work of Sania Shakhmuradova are the image of a woman as an independent myth and environment - a mythological image, which is produced without a mediocre "woman" mythological evidence. Women in robots Sled are an absolute sub'ct, like a water hour and a lot, a “wine” space, like a mother, and innocently talking to a dot, like a child. The nature of the great cults of the moths evokes that particular talent of the waking life, the yak summoned the childish image of the trivial deity - the Triadic goddess, which is seen in three phases of the young, before The myth of the victorious change of the phases of the month is like a portentous image for the glorious nature of human life itself (life and death), and at the same time, from the cycle of life, to close behind the invincible, gradually help the power of the present, the knowledge of heaven buttya. Myth to us: as long as Misyats is in the innocent cycle of regeneration, then it is possible to let go of the phenomenon of lightness (right up to the very human butt) can develop such a principle. Chi chuli vi if-nebud Myth about a young month? I’m just once, that instinctively I see that I’m guilty. And if I am bashing a thin, everyday appearance of a young month, there is enough evidence, then it should be those who see it, like the truth. Curator - Volodymyr Chygrynets ~~~Sana Shakhmuradova was born in Odessa in 1996. A significant part of the її dynasty passed in the Silskiy mіstsevostі on Podilі. In 2014, she took a walk to Toronto and graduated from the Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology at the University of York. Engage in graphics on a permanent basis, then turn to painting. In 2020, it took the decision to travel to the place, and it was nasty all the hour - to Kiev. Sana vikoristovuє ink and penzel, іncoli pastels for the stem of the graphics on the porch or canvas. For painting vikoristovuє old mishkovyna or canvas and oliyu

The poster of the event — Myth about a young month. Sana Shakhmuradova in The Museum of modern art