The events in Odessa at 14 October 2021

Workshop Theta Healing "Working with the subconscious"

14 October 2021, 19:00
category: master class
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Workshop Theta Healing (TX) "Working with the subconscious" 律 ‍♂️  In this master class, you will be able to work out techniques for working with the subconscious. I will reveal to you the secrets, thanks to which you will understand how you yourself can find and unpack deepest beliefs.  Through hands-on exercises, you will understand how you can find and unpack deepest beliefs yourself. I will help remove 10 subconscious beliefs from you that block your development and the path to your dreams. You will see that you can also learn everything yourself and create your life more consciously using TX techniques. ‼ ️ What the master class will give you. ✅ A clear vision of how the consciousness can use the subconscious to achieve any, the most incredible and daring ideas, goals and objectives. Working with deep-seated beliefs will open up new facets and opportunities for you, increase your awareness of current events. You will find out what really hinders and blocks your abilities and talents. ⚠️ In the master class, I will tell you all the most important information from the 16-hour course!  Getting to the master class, you already begin to receive information from the expensive course. We will conduct with you a practice of working with beliefs without dry theory! Using TX techniques, you will be able to: ✔️ Increase your income at times, improve relationships with yourself and the people around you ✔️ Improve health and spiritual well-being. ✔️ Reach a new level of conscious thinking. ✔️ Unleash your inherent potential and much more. We will conduct with you the practice of healing negative beliefs:✔️ Everyone will receive a blocking conviction written on the card ✔️ You will learn to check if you have this belief and whether you need to work it out ✔️ Having divided into pairs, under my control you will begin to check each other for negative beliefs ✔️ I can remove all negative beliefs that are ingrained in you ✔️ Check each other again to make sure the settings are gone ✔️ Write good belief programs instead of negative ones  Each participant of the master class will receive as a gift the author's meditation “Forgiveness” which I created according to all the rules of TX, my deep knowledge. Meditation will help you to independently work through grievances, forgive and let go, and this will open up new facets of spiritual health. At the end of the master class there will be a drawing of valuable prizes!  My name is Nadezhda Shimanskaya. I am an International Instructor and Trainer at Theta Hilling Institute. I was personally trained by the founder of the method, Vianna Stibal. 3.5 years ago, I took my first practice courses on ThetaHealing® method. And she immediately began to practice. My personal results are impressive even to me. For 3.5 years of practice, I have conducted more than 2100 personal sessions for at least an hour and a half each session, which is 3500 hours of work. I have done over 3000 sessions of intuitive scanning. ❤️‍ Now I am ready to share my knowledge and experience with you! Sign up soon! More details on the website:  Registration via a chat bot (vibeer or telegram)

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