The events in Odessa at 15 October 2021

150th anniversary of the day of the People's Day of Lesia Ukrayinka "Lesya Ukrayinka. Show up to the anniversary. Blessed". "

15 October 2021, 15:00
category: exhibition
place: Literary Museum (Lanzheronovskaya str., 2)

June 15 about 15:00 in the Odessa Literary Museum will see a series of days dedicated to the holy kuvannya 150th anniversary of the day of the People's Day of Ukraine 15:00 (gallery) - Showcase of the show "Lesya Ukrainka. Show before the anniversary. Blessed". Together with the Museum of Books and Friendship of Ukraine. What kind of zmіnyu Chergovy yuviley long ago died of people in the life of nin alive? Now for my svyatkumo? Zokrema, most importantly 150 years from the day of the People's Day of Ukraine? To whom the portrait itself was borne on a banknote of 200 hryvnias, and the same was done in the middle of the graph, before the hour of the Revolution of Life on the street. Grushevsky? Why did "Lisova Pisnya" itself successfully integrate not into the temple, but into the mass culture of Ukraine? Yakim є our opinion on the food supply and that you know about the specialty of the juvenile? What do we need to learn - how is it infused into our life? I would like to ask you to contemplate over the tsimi chi over any power supplies during the viewing of exhibits from the Museum of the Book and the Friendship of Ukraine (Kiev): Ridky Vidan Poezii of the Lesi Ukrainians 1918, 1923, 1943. those graphical robots, dedicated to the poets and creativity of prominent Ukrainian graphic artists Mikhail Deregus, Volodymyr Vasilenko, Vasyl Perevalsky, Lyudmila Mitchenko, Vasyl Lopati, Nadia Lopukhovoy, Vasyl Chebanik. And also in the boundaries of the project there will be a show of the bitter visual mystery of the symbolic odesa mystics. At the showcase there are artworks:Valeriya Basantsya, Luka Basantsya, Natalia Berezhnoi, Dmitry Velichka, Anatoly Gorbenko, Sergiy Zaytsya, Valentina Zakharchenko, Oksani Zdorovetskoi, Viktor Ignatiev, Tetyani Ishchenko, Oleksandr Karpushkulya , Anni Nosenko, Boris Rum'yantsev, Mikiti Rum'yantsev, Denis Savchenko, Sergiy Savchenko, Vasil Sad, Klim Stepanov, Mikoli Stepanov. Also in the exposition of the exhibition there will be performances a project of the monument to Lesia Ukrayntsi, a sculptor from Odessa, Mykoly Khudoliy. I ask you to establish a vlast method by making a request - and join us with friends and knowers from the community. 15:30 (Golden Hall) - Conference and presentation of the book "Lesya Ukrainka and Odessa cultural space in the texts of Odessa films". ... Post The Lesia Ukrainians have overshadowed the sound of a sonorous slid in Odessa, which is still in the middle of the sea, like the singing breeze of the Ukrainian elite podikh, reminiscent of Odessa's `` Arcadian '' transit space ... which has been accumulated by thousands of years of untraceable belongings of ethnocultural archetypes ... Pragnennya mislity to oneself with an organic part of the central Ukrainian, historical and cultural space, was a stimulant to the dialogue of Ukrainian cultural elites,Wandering Ukraine and Great Ukraine ... The sign of the share is in the assimilation of the specialness of the missionary nature of its nature, as to live the great plan of the butt, inspired by thousands of destinies of hopes, fostering the radical changes of the Ukrainian open space ... Curator of the project, artist Sergiy Savchenko Nagaduєmo - bring the museum of goiters to the museum of crooks to obey all sanitary and epidemiological rules: mask mode, social distance, disinfection of hands. Odessa Literary Museum vul. Lanzheronivska, 2 +38 (048) 722-33-70

The poster of the event — 150th anniversary of the day of the People's Day of Lesia Ukrayinka "Lesya Ukrayinka. Show up to the anniversary. Blessed". " in Literary Museum