The events in Odessa at 02 November 2021

Course "Drawing and Painting" 3-6 years

02 November 2021, 17:00
category: the courses
place: Art Studio "Caravel" (tereshkovoi str., 21)

‍Drawing & Painting 3-6 years old  Classes for children 3-6 years old, focused on the development of plastic sensitivity and creativity. Through various games and exercises, children will learn about different aspects of painting and drawing techniques and different techniques, as well as learn to observe the reality that surrounds us. ‍ Drawing is one of the first creative directions that a child masters. It is difficult to exaggerate the importance of drawing for the development of a baby. But despite this, parents often wonder why teach a child to draw at an early age. Drawing contributes to the knowledge of the world around, develops skills such as attention, imagination. It is often easier for a child to express his emotions through artistic activities - sculpting, drawing. The ability to use a pencil contributes to the development of fine motor skills, which is directly related to the formation of a child's speech. While drawing, the baby uses both hemispheres of the brain, which stimulates the development of interhemispheric connections. And much more ☺️ Class Schedule Village of Kotovsky -Friday 16.00-17.00 550 UAH / month 4 lessons (there are places) -Saturday 14.00-15.00 550 UAH / month 4 lessons (set is open) Cheremushki -Tue and Thursday 17.00-18.00 700 UAH / month 8 lessons (there are places) -Saturday 14.00-15.00 550 UAH (there is 1 place) 4 lessons / month -Sunday 14.00-15.00 550 UAH / 4 lessons (set is open) 063-535-47-47 098-95-265-40 10.00-20.00 ⚡️ (Cheryomushki)Heroiv Krut st., 21 viber / telegram ⠀ 063-535-47-47 098-95-265-40 067-910-17-52 10.00-20.00 ⚡️ (Village of Kotovsky) General Bocharov st., 3 viber / telegram

The poster of the event — Course "Drawing and Painting" 3-6 years in Art Studio "Caravel"