The events in Odessa at 25 November 2021

Orator's Workshop course

25 November 2021, 18:30
category: the courses
from 3850 to 4650 UAH
place: Training center "BST Consulting" (Bolshaya Arnautskaya str., 17)

Course program Topic 1 / Technique of speech. 7 o'clock 1. Acquaintance. Determining the goals of the course, identifying speech deficiencies. 2. Speech breathing. Support for sound. 3. Articulation gymnastics. 4. "Sounding" body. Release from muscle and psychological clamps. 5. Resonators. Flight and timbre of voice. 6. Voice registers: expanding the range of voice. 7. A set of exercises for diction. Dictation training. 8. Speech beats. Logical and psychological pauses. 9. Tempo-rhythm of speech. The power of the voice. 10. Emotionality of speech. The energy of the voice. 11. The imagery and beauty of speech. Working with vocabulary. Getting rid of the words "parasites". 12. Characteristics of a confident voice. Topic 2 / Oratory. 7 o'clock 1. Rhetoric - technology, science or art? 2. Common mistakes of novice speakers. 3. Algorithm of preparation for the performance. 4. The structure of speech. How to start correctly, what to say in the middle, how to end a speech. 5. Ways to overcome the fear of public speaking. An arsenal of techniques to relieve excessive excitement. 6. Non-verbal behavior: speaker posture, eye contact with the audience, sign language, facial expressions, work with space. 7. Interaction of the speaker with the audience: attention management, engagement techniques, working with a complex audience. 8. Preparing your own speeches and presentations. Feedback from the audience. Topic 3 / Mastery of Public Speaking. Acting skills 10 hours1. The speaker as a person: the image of the speaker, personal style. 2. Activation of verbal thinking: improvisation, impromptu speech, miniature speech. 3. Presentation: self-presentation, business presentation, video presentation. 4. "Black" rhetoric. 5. Development of memory. Methods for quickly memorizing text. 6. Types of speeches. Rules for creating an inspiring speech. 7. Acquaintance with the basic tools of the actor. 8. Working with body clamps, body control techniques. 9. Body plastic. Basic choreography. 10. Sound in dynamics. Developing intonation palette. 11. Control of emotions, a sense of pause, psychotechnics of influencing the audience. 12. Basics of improvisation, plastic sketches. 13. Internal and external circle of attention. Ability to concentrate on the task at hand, self-motivation. 14. Creation of "image", development of imagination, work on a general study, test for God. 15. Final performances. Certification. What is the result? • Competent, confident speech. • Beautiful, delivered voice. Good diction. • Correction of speech imperfections: words-parasites, monotony. • Increase in vocabulary. • Improved memory. Ability to quickly memorize text. • Getting rid of the fear of public speaking. • Skills of preparation for public speaking, the skill of writing a speech. • Skills of keeping the audience's attention. • Ability to convince, defend one's position, possession of argumentation skills. • Ability to improvise, speak without preparation.• Ability to keep "high energy". • Acting skills. • Practical experience of performances. Working with the camera. • Getting drive, energy and great pleasure from any kind of communication or public speaking! How will the classes take place? The course includes 8 lessons of 3 hours each. Classes are held once a week (on Thursdays). Lesson time from 18.30 to 21.30 Class format: 85% - pure practice, rich in exercise; work in pairs and groups; practicing techniques; public performance. 15% - the required minimum of theory, as well as discussions, demonstrations and consultations. Cost of education 3850 UAH until November 5 4250 UAH until November 15 4650 UAH from November 16

The poster of the event — Orator's Workshop course in Training center "BST Consulting"