The events in Odessa at 27 November 2021

New Year Seminar and Collage Creation

27 November 2021, 11:00
category: seminar/training
500 UAH
place: Center Feng Shui "southern star" (lane Kataeva, 2)

We invite everyone to a seminar on the New Year and the creation of a Collage, where Nadezhda Bezpalova will reveal the main secrets of how to properly meet and spend the year of the Black Water Tiger. On November 27, from 11:00 to 17:00 Nadezhda Bezpalova, an international feng shui master, will hold a recommendation seminar on meeting the New Year 2022 and on the correct keeping of diaries. At this seminar you will receive information about those energies that will come with the Strong Black Tiger. You will receive valuable chips that will allow you to use the coming luck one hundred percent. If you are looking for new tools and skills, then this seminar is for you. What else will you learn: what successes and failures 2022 is preparing; how to avoid difficulties if you run into them; how to properly organize a New Year's table and what color palette to choose; what gifts are best to give; and almost the main point of this event is working with the diary for 2022 so that it brings maximum luck. We are waiting for you on November 27 at 11:00 at the Center for Spiritual Practices "South Star". Contribute to your next year in November to take it to the next level next year. For more information, please call +38 050 398 88 66; +380679974343.

The poster of the event — New Year Seminar and Collage Creation in Center Feng Shui "southern star"