The events in Odessa at 30 November 2021

Company visit at Qweedo Robotics

30 November 2021, 16:00
category: tour
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30 leaflets will be requested at the company visit to the company Qweedo Robotics - an integrator of solutions for complex automation and roboticization of virobnits, as well as in the R&D laboratory of the company. FabLab MiRONAFT is the best robotics laboratory in Ukraine and the best prototype center for FabLab in Europe. You will be able to get into the light of modern robotics, be familiar with the rich application of successful robotic processes, and you can also learn the basics of the program of collaborative industrial robots. Visit to carry out - Viktor Bogdanovich Ugorov - senior partner of Qweedo Robotics, Doctor of Technical Sciences, v.O. Provincial Scientific Researcher of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the Institute of Telecommunications and the Global Information Space. RESTRICTION: Date: 30 leaf fall One ear of excursion: 16:00 Misce: m. Odesa, st. Kanatna, 93 ZVERTAMO YOUR UVAGU, you will come back from the current quarantine norms. The fate of the case is possible if the document shows a complete course of vaccination against Covid-19 or a negative PLR ​​test or an express test for antigen, which has not been broken down for 72 years. before calling. The visit to the company is organized weekly for the companies participating in the SUP. Have a meal, go to Svitlani Misakovo, +380 73 771 1701

The poster of the event — Company visit at Qweedo Robotics in Location