The events in Odessa at 25 November 2021

Pavel Bogryanov on the crest of a wave

25 November 2021, 18:00
category: food
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Bogryanov on the crest of a wave! The chef of the Grebeshki SPB restaurant is flying to us (18th place in the rating). Guitarist, amateur surfing, seafood lover and business brother, Pavel Bogryanov. We are expecting some kind of fish ceviche with ice cream, surf & peat on the theme of scallop and truffle, berry dessert, as well as blues solo on Fender. (JUST A JOKE!) Menu 1. Scallop ceviche with persimmon 2. Brain with beef tartare and truffle 3. Foie gras mousse with black caviar 4. Unagi mackerel with cauliflower cream 5. Stewed kimchi pig with shrimp 6. Sorbet mandarin yuzu 7. Date cake For the daredevils, we will provide a wine accompaniment from our "cellar". It will be bright and fun! Where? Jela restaurant, per. Mayakovsky, 8

The poster of the event — Pavel Bogryanov on the crest of a wave in Location