The events in Odessa at 27 November 2021

Balance Yoga with Oleksandr Zamorokov

27 November 2021, 09:00
category: online
free donation
place: Location (look in the description)

Training schedule: Tuesday 19.30 - 21.00 Saturday 9.00 - 10.30 At other times, you can order classes and consultations on an individual basis and on individual conditions. Online yoga group: Classes are held in the Google Meet program. To participate in the lesson, send me a Google mail address in the messenger and I will send you an invitation with a link to enter. Morning classes are devoted to awakening, preparing for an active and fruitful day, raising immunity and vigor. Activities include: breathing exercises; static; dynamic; relaxation. During classes, there is a conscious impact on the internal organs, sensory organs, endocrine, lymphatic and circulatory systems, muscles, tendon ligaments, spine, mental and emotional state. Payment for online classes on the PB card in the form of free donations (free donation), the size is determined by everyone. ... PB card 4149 4993 4804 5582 Zamorokov Alexander. If you have not practiced before, are not privy to the nuances of safely performing asanas and have health problems, then practicing without first consulting me may harm your health. Alexander.

The poster of the event — Balance Yoga with Oleksandr Zamorokov in Location