The events in Odessa at 25 November 2021

The turn of the legendary Venus before #WEartMuseum

25 November 2021, 18:00
category: tour
place: Museum of Western and Oriental art (Pushkinskaya str., 9)

#WEartMuseum's Legendary Venus ♥ ️ The process of painstaking restoration of our love for you, Venus Medici, has been completed. I will ask you to get more detailed information from the commanders of the shortening specials.  Presentation and sacred in honor of our ideal goddess will see 25 leaves at 18:00. 樂 Sculpture Venus Medichi є a singing world of mystery. The exact date of the sorceress is not recorded. Seemingly deprived of those that are known on the ruins of the Roman Emperor Adrian's willy not far from Rome in Tibula. Having entered the Vatican before the collection, the won was overwhelmed by its guests until 1677, leaving Pontiff Inokenty XI without breaking the news about obscenity and selling the family of Medicine in Florence. Venus Medicesska chi, as I often call it, Venus Medici, there was a miracle of mystery. ‍♀️ Let’s start, scho won’t be broken from the bronze original, opened behind the motives of Aphrodite of Knid’s Praxiteles. The author of the marmur copy, for the most part, unwittingly, wants to write on the pedestal є I wrote in my walnut "Cleomenes, the synonym of Apollodorus Afinsky."  Say it seems that Aphrodite was born from seafood not far from the islands of Kypr, and about the dolphin, who is a great pillar of the sea. The statue of Venus Medichі, has perfected the high majesty of the vikonannya, opened the image, accentuating respect on such qualities as the lack of that harmony. Vona is modest and trash 'sarcastic and does not grasp the power of her beauty. Ale is the goddess of beauty, love and addictions of a bullet and creative, and ruinous. Mifi, in which there is a post in the young images, to show that kohannya is even difficult to feel. We write with the results that endlessly dyakuєmo: Restorer - Taisiya Kapustarinskiy, 3D artist— Illy Potapenko, and also, for an important teacher for us, Voloschuk Sergiy.  I will ask you to share with us the joy of those who are first to see the beautiful Venus  Koli? 25 falling leaves Far away (okrіm vіvtorka and middle) ⏳ About what? On the day of opening 18:00 Dal from 11:00 to 17:00 Nagaduєmo, which imposed quarantine rules for the introduction of the museum: we create the safest way to go to the museum, and we will accept those who have: ✔️ New certificate (from Diya for paperwork option) about vaccination against COVID-19; ✔️Abo є negative PLR ​​test, which is not more than 72 years old before being sent to the museum; ✔️ Above all, there is a clear clue about the timeless enlightenment from every day! Pushkinskaya, 9 # WEartcollection

The poster of the event — The turn of the legendary Venus before #WEartMuseum in Museum of Western and Oriental art