The events in Odessa at 28 November 2021

Tasting t-games. Autumn_2021

28 November 2021, 10:30
category: more
from 500 to 600 UAH
place: Location (specified when registering)

 ?! Do you have a question, problem, desire to know and understand yourself, but do not know what is the best way to do it?  ?! Are you not ready for long digging in your own head, but want to do everything easily, quickly and interestingly?  ?! Do you want to know everything about yourself and at the same time have fun and usefully spend time? ⭐⚡ !!! It's time for you to taste the transformation games! You will literally touch, breathe and taste the scent of new transformational games and decide which one you like. You will find the "right" Master of the game for yourself. Recharge with resources not only from the host, but also from other players. Spend your day off chatting with interesting people who are close to you in spirit. Live vivid emotions on an exciting journey! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++  Tasting the T-Games is a space for change! Taste of Life tasting is a T-game card that will help you carefully evaluate the "taste" of various T - games, from simple study to establishing quality, variety, maturity and potential. ☀ Transformational game (T-game) is a tool with which you can get to know yourself, open a new vision of yourself and others, meet your hidden and obvious resources, recognize your limitations / blocks / fears, discover your purpose, build a plan for implementation , get what you want, and also clearly see how this will happen then in ordinary life, and thereby avoid mistakes. This is a real transformation of yourself and your life! *******************************************  YOU Waiting for:* Game delicacies for every taste * Juicy, balanced GAMES from the best Writers and Presenters * Spicy CONSCIOUSNESS flavored with the joy of discovery * Intoxicating excitement, diluted with a tart way out of the box * T-games, cooked according to old recipes and the freshest from the heat - from the heat * Honest MEETING with your "bitter" patterns and their subsequent dissolution * Refreshing, airy transformations impregnated with lightness * Invigorating dating * Sparkling mood * HOT GIFTS ☎ Contacts: +38 098 437 67 70  Date: November 28  Participation fee: 500 UAH on the day of the event (payment on the spot) - 600 UAH. ==========================  The tasting is intended for those who are SERIOUSLY ATTENDED TO CHANGE THEIR LIFE FOR THE BETTER !!!

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