The events in Odessa at 28 November 2021

Kolya Rodin. Cover-evening "Scriabin"

28 November 2021, 21:00
category: concert
place: True Man Club (Pushkinskaya str., 75)

Cover-evening pisen Kuzma Scriabina and Ukrainian rock De: True Man Club,  Pushkinskaya 75 Koli: 28 leaf fall (week) - 21:00 ⠀ A spirited, mentally talented Dude who knows a lot about love, friendship, spirits and spirits himself! "Old photographs", "Sleep yourself", "Champagne eyes", "People, yak ships", "Mom", "Movchati" and still many miles on the scene of one of the most atmospheric cities of Khmelnitsk! Also, the program of the evening will update the songs of such herds like S.K.A.I., Okean Elzy, Druha Rika, Plach Aremia, Odin in a canoe, Braty Gadyukin, TiK, Green Gray, Boombox. ⠀ On the stage kiberbard Kolya Rodin - @rodina_nikolaya Input: Free Donation (be it a bill)

The poster of the event — Kolya Rodin. Cover-evening "Scriabin" in True Man Club