The events in Odessa at 25 November 2021

"My soul, tell me ..." art therapy session

25 November 2021, 18:00
category: master class
300 UAH
place: Center for spiritual and creative development of the personality "the PHOENIX" (Admiral PR-t, 33a)

How often in life do we encounter insurmountable situations that we find ourselves in because we are following other people's desires and recommendations, because it must be so, because it’s right, because it’s customary to do it in society? Why do we give in to someone else's will, someone else’s attitudes and do not listen to the voice of the heart, the voice of our Soul? At the art therapy session "My soul, tell me ..." we will try to open the doors behind which our Soul was locked and we will try to hear its voice, its indignation or recommendations. The session is paid and takes place both face-to-face in the PHOENIX CDTRL and online in a closed group, a link to which will be sent to you in the messenger after receiving a screen of the session payment receipt. The recording will be available to participants for a month. The cost of the session is 300 UAH. Payment to card PrivatBank 4731 2196 1251 1612 or MonoBank 5375 4141 1282 2845 recipient Elena Romanova. We drop the screen into the Trimir Romanov messenger or Viber 067-796-0-796. For participants who will take part in the session online, it is necessary to prepare a pen, a notebook, four A4 album sheets, brushes and paints (watercolor, gouache, acrylic) of your choice. Pencils, crayons, liners, markers and felt-tip pens are NOT SUITABLE.

The poster of the event — "My soul, tell me ..." art therapy session in Center for spiritual and creative development of the personality "the PHOENIX"