The events in Odessa at 18 January 2022

Satirically mystical drama "Demon"

18 January 2022, 19:00
category: play
200 UAH
place: Ukrainian theater (street Pasteur, 15)

Satirically mystical drama for 2 days. Triviality - 1 year 40 hilines. The skin people have their own demons. Tse history about stosunki two greedy happy people. Russian kid-poor Slavik, because of a mysterious, not mindless soul, that sickly ambitious, that Ninka, queen of moonshine, like Christmas day! And for joy, and I hope for the time being, to trick the young man for her blunders at his booth in the mystical Gogol village of Glybok. Chi not all heroes trampled on active causes on a happy and carefree life. And if the melancholy is succinct, the bentega is never transcended, and beyond the charm it reaches its apogee - the stench of mending the pragmatic saint, vichnoy kokhannya and virnoy friendship. Protect here on them and the check is close to the sound of the powerful internal demons. Author: Natalia Vorozhbit ("Cyborgs", "Wild Field", "Trash Roads" and "Spiymati Kaydasha") Director: Natalia Sivanenko Diyovi individuals and viconavtsi: Slavik: Oleksandr Koval, Pavlo Primak Ninka: Honored Artist of Ukraine Iryna Okhotnichenko Ivan Shpak: Sergiy Yary Casing: David Duduchava Lida: Senya Dolyak Parachutist: Anatoly Golovan Senior Vidma: Honored Artist of Ukraine Galina Kobzar-Slobodyuk Middle view: Tetyana Parshakova-Sakovska, Tetyana Marshtupa Younger vidma: Maria Demenko Sin Kolya: Denis Grigoruk Druzhina Kolі: Natalya Shevchenko Donka Kolі: Yulia Kharchuk

The poster of the event — Satirically mystical drama "Demon" in Ukrainian theater