The events in Odessa at 15 January 2022

Lyric-ironic comedy "Evening in Sanlis"

15 January 2022, 19:00
category: play
from 40 to 200 UAH
place: Ukrainian theater (street Pasteur, 15)

Vistava on two days The lead character - Georges - is the only one in the family; The stench of sybarity, rozpeschenі rozkіshshyu, on yak nіkoli didn’t dare to earn money, easy marnotrati, as nіkols didn’t live vinyatkovo on the wooded cat. Leather saws her own interests and lives her life. Daddy is a dandy and idiot, mother is an extravagant fashionista, zusilya, who is directed for everything to preserve youth and “trim the bar” in front of her friends. Є Georges has a friend, Robert, who at once lives with his retinue in his house, and also deserves a part of his homeland. Robert is a gift and a nakhab, a zinc, who knows about the intimacy between his squad and Georges, and even prodovzhu to press in the blind, realizing his life by the surroundings. "Sime" overtook Georges to make friends with a woman, as I didn’t cohav, and Zmushuє Georges got lost in the hated whore, the splinters of Anrietta’s squad, I’ll wipe out the whole crowd. Do you want to clean up some little things Georges wants to change from his life? Directed by Iryna Zilberman: “For a man, p'єsa persh for everything about vibir. І about those who are important vibir growth. Vibir for the hypocritical roznichnye lives in Paris, and for everybody in the provinces. About vibir mіzh nasty, albeit so well-known and vicious, we can swagger, altogether invisible and imovirny. Vistavi Luna has music alive at Vykonanna trio (clarinet, accordion and violin), as it helps to get into the atmosphere of France of the 30s. XX century. Vistava is aesthetic: beautiful actors, costumes, atmospheric music ..."Supper in Sanlis" should be laid down to "horny pus", the author of the book "lyric-ironic comedy with an incredibly happy little kid". Chee such a happy future will be a picture and in the reads of our directors - kiyanka - Irini Zilberman, you should know if you will be on Vista! As a matter of fact, only for you, the director of Inakshe has expanded the accent and made correctives at the final psi. The author's daughter, Colomb Anuy, is tortured, but in the early days of France, the father can be played into the repertoire of the theater, all the way back, because there are many new leather productions that can be used to popularize the creative work of the father: The very era of such theaters in our land has ended. It is an infection for France to stage a lot of psychological, social dramas. Tse nepogano, ale sooner than Danin modi. That know often to power up: what about the theater? We paid for our meeting and bachimo and problems at home. Why do we go there? " The lyric-ironic comedy "Supper in Sanlis" was written in 1936, but ale dosi is actual. And not to the extent of relevance until, docs, people prodzhuvatime about one thing, but the life of the other, often no shyness in order to change their butt and as much as possible to get close to their own ideal ideal. Docks vatimemo, scho write to black at once, and cleanly write in time. And why would you want to stick it out? Stage Director - Iryna Zilberman (Kyiv) Stage Designer - Natalya Klisenko (Kyiv)Choreographer - Pavlo Ivlyushkin Musical decoration - Igor Znatokov Vistava on two days of Triviality - 2 years. 15 min. Diyovi individuals and viconavtsi: Georges: Igor Volosovsky, Dmitro Usov Robert: Єgor Karelskiy Barbara: Iryna Bessarab Mosyu Delashom: Honored Artist of Ukraine Igor Gerashchenko Madame Delashom: Honored Artist of Ukraine Ninel Natocha, People's Artist of Ukraine Diana Mala Edme: Honored Artist of Ukraine Okhotnichenko, Alla Brodska Izabella: Alna Konovalchuk, Alina Katrechko Filemon: Sergiy Yariy Madame Montalambrez: Olena Golovina Head waiter: Volodymyr Romanko, Pavlo Primak Vlasnytsya Budinka: Honored Artist of Ukraine Iryna Cherkaska, Alla Brodska

The poster of the event — Lyric-ironic comedy "Evening in Sanlis" in Ukrainian theater