The events in Odessa at 15 January 2022

Arch Walk along Deribasovskaya and Gavanna

15 January 2022, 13:00
category: tour
250 UAH
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Deribasovskaya is a street full of stories and legends, a symbol of the Odessa spirit, color and just the heart of Odessa. The architectural development of the street consists of exquisite buildings of different styles and purposes. We will be pleased to show the houses associated with the names of Pushkin, Mitskevich, Mendeleev, the outstanding tobacco manufacturer Asvadurov, the famous Odessa merchant who owned the former house of the Richelieu Lyceum of Wagner, the rope breeder Novikov and the founder of the city of Deribas. On an architectural walk through Odessa, we will see majolica patterns, stucco moldings, sculptures, Moorish mosaics, light domes, picturesque galleries of the 19th century and Deribasovskaya half-screw staircases. An architectural walk full of stunning beauty - develops a good taste and love for the historical heritage.  Tickets Adult - 250 ₴  Where we meet Near the Passage from the Preobrazhenskaya side Ending On Deribasovskaya, 1. ‍♀️ ← → ‍♂️ Keep your distance from each other while walking. The lecturer will be heard on the radio guide. Take masks with you and put them on if necessary (when we enter the entrance).  To To understand the essence of Odessa, the walk is interesting for citizens, tourists, social activists, guides, urbanists, designers, architects, photographers.  Who leads the walk Dmitry Shamatazhi, co-founder of the historical project "Architecture of Odessa", has been studying the architecture of the city since 2008, talks about it on walks, stories and in articles on archodessa.comThe walk was made by Alexander Levitsky, Valentina Demchenko and Dmitry Shamatazhi. Valentina answers questions at the number: +380 63 163 20 09 Come and see you!

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