The events in Odessa at 19 January 2022

Critical Missing

19 January 2022, 18:00
category: the courses
place: School of local government (Bazarnaya str., 25)

"Ilon Musk has submitted his candidacy for the election of the President of Ukraine, as he seeks a New Rock!" "The spirits have sprinkled a new virus over all the earthly sludge!" "Schools of Ukraine are switching to new courses in English!" "Bathe the toothpaste" Zubarost "and you, with a stretch of weight, rotate new teeth!" We got lost in the flow of information, as if we were being driven from TV channels and radio, Internet resources, from boards, how to stand on the streets and a little bit of familiar and relatives. We stopped seeing usom, for navpaki virtual usim. Yak inheritance, we have become ugly that is allowed to vikoristovuvati themselves at the power of the right, at the politician, at the community's life. September 19, 2022 "School of self-assembly" launching a new course "Critical misdirection, as a warehouse is needed against a bad information flow". If you want to know about information sabotage, if you want to know about information sabotage, if you want to learn a course to learn the truth, Save Google form and connect with you. Posting to google form: https: // Possession for the distribution of the course: Z povagoyu, team ShMS.

The poster of the event — Critical Missing in School of local government