The events in Odessa at 21 January 2022

Elemental Parties / Water

21 January 2022, 17:00
category: party
place: MAGIC PILL Beauty Salon Showers (st. Richelievskaya, 38)

栗‍♀️We are starting a series of parties dedicated to the elements. ✨Earth. Water. Fire. Air. The ancient sages argued that the correct combination of the four elements is the necessary basis for life and harmony in nature. Knowing, understanding and managing the elements is an important life balance skill. ‍♀️ WELL, GETTING STARTED. WATER Variety - (the element of water). To avoid stagnation and degradation, it is necessary to water the drying "earth" with "water", metaphorically speaking. The element of water is responsible for variety, variability, surprises and innovations. Ability to notice changes and adapt to them. Ability to timely respond to all kinds of challenges. If there is too much "water", chaos, unpredictability, anxiety, fear, panic begins. In such cases, it should be balanced with "earth" and regulated by routine rituals, flexible principles and universal rules. In the evening program: We will find out, understand the difference and try "Structured Water". Charge water for intention with Reiki Energy Let's experiment with the water difference Let's Conduct a Meditation on the Element of Water Let's find out what Aromatherapy is Consider our intention and diagnose the level of the element of Water in each Well, of course, drinks and snacks Reservation is required in the chat

The poster of the event — Elemental Parties / Water in MAGIC PILL Beauty Salon Showers