The events in Odessa at 15 January 2022


15 January 2022, 21:00
category: party
place: Poncho snack art bar (st. Greek, 26/28)

Hola, friends! The evening of Saturday will be sticky, and all this is from the 15th of September about 21:00 until we have GHELAS (insta: @ghelas_julia) from its command. The love of our stage is to kindle your heart, if you feel a penetrating voice more than once - you zakhaєte nazzhdit! Spіvachka vikonuvatime is not deprived of vіdomі cover, but also not less vіdomі author's pisnі. Acomponuvati Yulia will be talented in music: Gitara - Sergiy (insta: @sergey_tihonenko) Bass-gitara - Petro (insta: @ petro_zelenyuk26) Drums - Ilya (insta: @ilyapeychev) Chekaєmo on you, it will be atmospheric;) Vhіd vіlniy. Booking tables by deposit: tel. +380 (63) 613 86 85

The poster of the event — GHELAS in Poncho snack art bar