The events in Odessa at 15 January 2022

Wish Card with Success Lab

15 January 2022, 16:00
category: master class
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In the pre-New Year's bustle, due to busyness, not everyone was able to fulfill their dream and allocate time to create a Wish Card, when in December there was still the Growing Moon. There is good news! It is in the first half of January that it is recommended to fill this gap. Moreover, January 15 is a day that was not chosen by chance. This is a day with the Growing Moon, and as you know, it is on such days that it is good to start new things in your life! The Wish Card is a powerful and effective tool for changing your own life, which only an ordinary person can have. Practice shows that on average 80% of what is declared on the Wish Card comes true! And for some, everything comes true 100% and even more! Such miracles happen, which were not even dreamed of ... The only thing you need to understand is that each desire requires a certain amount of time. At first glance, creating a Wish Card is easy and simple. In fact, there are many nuances, ignorance of which can at least interfere with the fulfillment of your desires, and at most lead to absolutely unpredictable results. And most often the reason is in the mistakes that women themselves make when creating it. But at the same time, there are a huge number of nuances that can increase the effectiveness of the created Map. Who is this Wish Card for? For those who want: - to understand what he dreams of - to figure out which dreams are someone else's and which are their own - get an inspiring kick that sprouts wings- get a huge charge of motivation, feminine energy and fantastic dreams in a group of the same wonderful, dreaming women - stop sitting on the priest and start moving towards your dreams - be a woman, and move towards dreams on a feminine energy - get a unique experience of communication in an environment that ignites with your mood - remove all obstacles that interfere with the fulfillment of dreams - to understand what a Wish Card is, how it works, and why it is worth making a new one once a year - make this very map - make your dreams come true - see the hidden resources so far What will happen during our meeting: • You will learn how the Wish Card actually works - proven techniques and secrets • Help of the Universe - how to get support and speed up the fulfillment of your desires • Preparing space for the fulfillment of desires • Price and value of desires • Inconsistency in desires. How to stop wanting what contradicts each other What will you get as a result of the master class: • Psychological attitude, in which desires will really come true • Ready Wish Card • A magical space where everything happens easily, playfully and with results • Non-obvious effects in the form of increased self-esteem, self-confidence, confidence • Realization of goals • Unexpected pleasant surprises: the arrival of additional money, interesting acquaintances, meetings • Lightness and play • Acceleration and charge of energy in advance• Strong changes for the better in your life in the near future (from one day to 3 months) • Communication in a group of like-minded women at a master class, a common female space, which enhances the effect of the fulfillment of desires • Energy exchange with them during the training • Entering a new level of life • Feeling like a Sorceress, really influencing your life What you need to draw up a Wish Card The card itself is a collage, a picture on which you will draw your future, so we need: - White sheet of paper or whatman paper - Magazines and pictures that personify your desires. The more colorful they are, the better. - Your photos. On them you must definitely like yourself and be in a good mood. - Scissors - Glue - Markers, colored pens and pencils - And a lot of your desires! Cost of participation: until 12/30/21 - $ 18 (495 UAH) until 01/14/22 - $ 25 On the day of the event: $ 30 Payment to the card: 5169 3305 1659 9187 Balagura Ludmila Book your seat now, as the number of seats is limited! For all questions, please call: +38 067 723 06 68

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