The events in Odessa at 19 January 2022

Pidpryamnytska activity - restoration and tribute

19 January 2022, 19:00
category: lecture
180 UAH
place: Entrepreneurs Support Center "Diya.Biznes I Odesa" (st. Greek, 1a)

Are you planning to start your business? Know, in what order to pass the restoration of educational performance and taxes to rally FOPs at the lecture "Business activity - reconstruction of that tax." From lectures on: Mekhanizm of restoration of authority Mechanism of submission of tax declaration and payment of taxes Mekhanizm of giving changes to flowing activity groupi opodatkuvannya FOP To whom is it okay to give the lecture? ✔️for all children ✔️Frilancers ✔️naymanim to the forerunners, as registered as FOPi Lecture program: A fixer can be registered offline, or through the "Diya" service How to pay a tax return through the "Diya" service or offline The definitions of the fields of the declaration are required to be stored How to make changes to the performance of a private entrepreneur offline or through the "Diya" service Yak splicuvati taxes through the service "Diya" Yak otrimaty penny will help you at the connection with Covid-19 through the "Diya" service ☑️vibir group opodatkuvannya Legeza Mariya Vasilivna - attorney, lawyer, radnik of the Head of the Board of Directors of PJSC "Bank Vostok", director of TOV "Legal company" DIOL "" Davidovich Illya Dmitrovich is the intercessor of the head of the monitoring of financial operations of PJSC “Bank Vostok”. 19.01 19:00 - 20:30 Offline Parity: 180 UAH Resolution for the offer

The poster of the event — Pidpryamnytska activity - restoration and tribute in Entrepreneurs Support Center "Diya.Biznes I Odesa"