The events in Odessa at 16 January 2022

Calligraphy course ✒️For children 6-14 years old

16 January 2022, 11:30
category: the courses
650 UAH
place: Art Studio "Caravel" (PR-t Dobrovolsky, 89)

Calligraphy course ⠀ ✒️For children 6-14 years old !! Cheremushki The village of Kotovsky ⠀ Courses of calligraphy today can be provided to children of different ages. The program is designed for beginners and includes the development of a large number of fonts and tools. We will explore the most commonly used fonts in the commercial field: serif, English italic, gothic, brush calligraphy, brush pen. You will, of course, learn how to create different type compositions. Calligraphy is widely used in the modern advertising industry; it looks fresh on illustrations and postcards, and decorating interiors and restaurants. Also goes great with watercolors and commercial illustrations.! ‍♂ Does your child have bad handwriting? Blots and dirt in notebooks? Teacher lowers grades due to sloppy handwriting? So this course is for you! Schedule of classes: ⠀ Branch: Cheryomushki -Sunday 13.00-14.00 650 UAH \ month 4 lessons (There are 4 places) -Thursday 17.00-18.00 650 UAH \ month 4 lessons (there are places) Branch: Kotovsky settlement -Sunday 11.30-13.00 650 UAH / month 4 lessons for 1.5 hours (there are places)  Course duration: 24 lessons for 1.5 hours and 28 lessons for 1 hour ⠀ Record by phone. 098-95-265-40,063-535-47-47 Ekaterina from 10.00-20.00 ⠀ 懶 Cheryomushki ⠀ 098-95-265-40,063-535-47-47 and 067-910-17-52, 098-995-03-60 懶 Village of Kotovsky 10.00-20.00 viber \ telegram \ whats upRecording is required and only after filling out the questionnaire and making an advance payment of UAH 200 to secure a place in the group paper in a folder for drawing a4., Black ink, pen, holder, simple pencil, eraser. ⠀ St. Heroes Krut, 21 (Cheryomushki) Generala Bocharova St., 3 (Kotovskogo village)

The poster of the event — Calligraphy course ✒️For children 6-14 years old in Art Studio "Caravel"