The events in Odessa at 15 January 2022

Modern graphics

15 January 2022, 18:00
category: lecture
from 150 UAH
place: Space, creativity and development "Clock" (St. Pasteur, 56)

 Friends, in the New Year we keep talking about Belle Époque 壟   January 15, Saturday, 18:00. Cozy space "Clock" on Pasteur (as guests of the city of Pastora say ), 56  "Modern graphics" Revolution in the poster (there have been no significant changes in advertising since the times of Ancient Rome); high quality of copyrighted books, printing, quality of flights ... This topic is not widely covered, so it is quite possible that you will discover new names.  The lecture will not be long, beautiful, light fun, with advertising of New Year's entertainment, balls, ice skating rinks, invitations to banquets ...  the number of seats is limited Donation - 150 hryvnia Obligatory prepayment to the card 100 gr. Then call back or write.  IMPORTANT! Who made an advance payment last time, but for some reason did not come, this amount is protected for the current lecture. 4323 3570 2049 6754 a-bank +380632127764 Marina 珞 Welcome! It will be interesting ... 

The poster of the event — Modern graphics in Space, creativity and development "Clock"