The events in Odessa at 19 January 2022

Meeting of Gender Studios + online

19 January 2022, 12:00
category: presentation
place: Odessa national research library (pastera str, 13)

Shanov's friends! Anyone who is not interested in the topic of gender stereotypes is requested to attend the meeting of Gender Studios on September 19, 2022. In addition to the rare sights and manuscripts of the Odessa National Science Library, there will be a presentation of the book by Odessa journalists Oleksandr Galyas and Tamari Gladkoy “From Intimacy to the Svetoglyadu. Draw from gender journalism. The authors point out difficult topics: What can you do with gender stereotypes on the butt of intimacy? What rank does Barbie's baby splurge on the change in the statement about the supple role of women? What work, if becoming an incest? Oleksandr GALYAS is the intercessor of the editor of the Odessa newspaper Porto-Franko. For the fates of journalistic activity, I made friends in newspapers, magazines, almanacs of Ukraine, USA, FRN, RF, Denmark, Estonia and other countries. May more than 120 national and regional competitions ZMI. Remaining fates give significant respect to gender issues. She is the author of the book “Gender Journalism: People, Themes, Dialogues”, as a diploma of the 22nd Exhibition-Forum “Ukrainian Books in Odesa”. Tamara GLADKA is the social media editor for the 7th Channel TV channel. Being friends in the periodic press is more important than the articles on gender nutrition. At the entrance, the fate of scientific scholars, journalists, representatives of the government and the community will take their place. The program has a book exhibition “Gender Journalism”, prepared by the editors of the UNNB dossier. *******"Gendernі Studії" - cultural prosvіtnitsky proєkt, іnіtsіyovany Odeska oblasne Radoyu world for pіdtrimki Odeskoї natsіonalnoї naukovoї Book Cabinets, yaky Got for Meta zabezpechiti pіdtrimku that realіzatsіyu vikonannya zobov'yazan With Ukraine schodo klyuchovih mіzhnarodnih zobov'yazan on zabezpechennyu gendernoї rіvnostі Shlyakhov poshirennya ob'єktivnoї information about the ideas of gender equality in the supremacy, substantiation of stereotypes and against fakes, molding gender awareness and a culture of broad supremacy. The presentation will be held on September 19, 2022 at 12:00 p.m. at the oldest known manuscripts of the Odessa National Science Library on the Zoom platform. Connect to the Zoom conference. Conference ID: 856 1782 1730 Access code: 858945 Zakhid passed through until the end of the quarantine vimog. Coordinator: Dovidkovo-Information Department Tel.: +38063-122-688-80 – Didenko Alla Valerivna

The poster of the event — Meeting of Gender Studios + online in Odessa national research library