The events in Odessa at 19 January 2022

Avatar Yoga Village: project presentation

19 January 2022, 19:00
category: presentation
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Friends, hello everyone! Near Kiev, work has begun on the construction of the first yoga village in Ukraine. We invite you to become a member and invest in the purchase of your object (the investment entry threshold is from $ 750) Project goals: 1. Create a festival-retreat center for festivals and retreats 2. Create a settlement of people living according to the principles of yoga and respect for the planet 3. Earn without harming nature, in accordance with the principles of yoga, placing and developing commercial projects in the territory 4. Inspire, become an example for others of how you can live and earn without harming the environment 5. Become a destination for city dwellers for family weekend getaways, in a mindful, fulfilling, educative space free of alcohol and other toxins At the meeting we will tell you: - About the location - General plan of the village - The constitution of the village, types of passports - Types of houses to buy - Yield. Terms of payment - Conditions for entering and exiting the investment - Roadmap for the development of the village - What has been done so far The meeting will take place in Innovation Kitchen Wednesday, January 19, 19:00-21:00 Odessa, Kanatnaya st., 93 Number of seats - 30 Please book your place in advance via the link -

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