The events in Odessa at 31 January 2022

Pavlo Makov "MAPPA MUNDI"

31 January 2022, 11:00
category: exhibition
place: Art Museum (Sophia, 5A)

An exhibition of Pavel Makov is opening at the Odessa Art Museum! Deadline 24 September, on Monday, about 15:00. Exhibition pratsyuvatime until 2 pm. ✨ Pavlo Makov is a Ukrainian graphic artist living and working in Kharkiv. Member of the Union of Artists in Ukraine and the Royal Association of Painters and Graphic Artists in Great Britain; academician, member of the Academy of Mythology of Ukraine; author of the Ukrainian pavilion at the city's Venice Biennale.  At the heart of the exhibition is a large-scale art object “MAPA MUNDI”: a 3D model that schematically depicts the current political world of the world. At the new one, the cordon and position of the krai svіt were transferred in detail, with one difference: the geography of the object of the territory is not hermetic.  All wall-cordoni near the “MAPA MUNDI” suite are pierced with spar-doors, which connect the territories between themselves. So Pavlo Makov "transforms" the earthly sack into a richly furnished apartment, and all powers become courts after the quarantine. The exhibition will also feature large-format graphic works by Pavel Makov from the rest of the years. The partner of the exhibition is the Kiev gallery The Naked Room.  De? — Odessa Art Museum, st. Sofia, 5a  When? — 24.01—02.04, closed on 24.01 at 15:00  The number of the ticket is 100/50 UAH, on the day of the entry, the entrance is free. For an hour of quarantine, the museum needs a certificate about vaccination, or a negative PLR ​​test (up to 72 years old), or a proof of dressing in "Dia" for an hour of quarantine.

The poster of the event — Pavlo Makov "MAPPA MUNDI" in Art Museum