The events in Odessa at 08 December 2018

Intermission (Corridor Audio meets Module Live)

08 December 2018, 23:00
category: lecture
from 150 to 200 UAH
place: Location (look in the description)

Techno | Industrial | EBM | Electronic | Experimental              Live Act | Modular | Improvisation              The peculiarity and uniqueness of live artists is that they create music here and now: some improvise, others play on the prepared material, which every time sounds differently.              December 8th, the Ukrainian record label Corridor Audio together with Module Live celebrates its second anniversary. In honor of this event, the anonymous association ANTRAKT organizes a festive night with residents of these formations and local musicians in Odessa.              The goals and objectives of our association are to support and develop the Ukrainian electronic scene through educational lectures and discussion panels. On the same day, you will be able to hear master classes from our guests from Kiev, with the support of the Sonar music laboratory, on topics that we will announce a little later.              Line-up:              Enformig (Raw Raw Records, FALSE / Kharkiv) LIVE              Potreba (Circuit, System / Odesa) LIVE              SYNXRON (Module Live / Kyiv) LIVE              Friedensreich & Splinter UA (Corridor Audio, Module Live / Kyiv) LIVE              Ghallas (Module Live / Kyiv) LIVE              VolLand Nage (Ezoterika / Odesa) DJ-SET              Eazyopoluse (Systolic / Odesa) LIVE Joyce (KFEST SOUND NEO festival of contemporary art in Odessa / Odesa) LIVE              Those wishing to attend lectures, as well as various media resources (photo, video, press) - send your applications for forming lists to:              150 ₴ - pre-sale (soon)       200 ₴ - input              Art Portal, st. Bunina 40              FC 18+

The poster of the event — Intermission (Corridor Audio meets Module Live) in Location
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