The events in Odessa at 08 December 2018

Rejuvenation. Workshop

08 December 2018, 11:00
category: seminar/training
3000 UAH
place: Ayurvedic Spa "Shanti" (Sadovaya street, 16)

What do we say? Of course about how to return the Shine to the eyes, skin elasticity and zest for life. INDEPENDENTLY, EFFECTIVELY KEEPING THE FINANCES TO TRAVEL))) Imagine that we climbed the pyramid to the top and see it all now, all four sides. And from this perspective we look at the processes of rejuvenation: 1) physiology, the body 2) the mind 3) the subconscious 4) energy Human consciousness affects the duration of his life, we ourselves with the help of his consciousness, to build and shape their lives. Programming starts in childhood. This happens usually unconsciously. Thousands of years ago the Indian sage Shankara said, "People grow old and die because they see others grow old and die". Talking about the death, accidentally heard by the child from the parents or from other people, can easily penetrate into his subconscious. At the seminar we will find the keys to each and learn how the self-programming affects our lives. You will get acquainted with the techniques of positive programming of the subconscious, leading to the rejuvenation and health. You choose "your" strategy for guaranteed rejuvenation. THE DETAILED PROGRAM At the seminar You will learn: • what is multi-level rejuvenation and how it works • how we age on a physical level and what mistakes do all women desire to look younger • how our mind is involved in the processes of rejuvenation • how to eliminate subconscious blocks and programs "aging" • how energy affects your life, health and rejuvenation • how to stop "energy" aging Practical part: • Recipes work with body in the home • Rejuvenation face care daily (can you still do not know, but it is the correct daily care – the key to a youthful face, not a mask once in five years :) • Skin nourishment - oils or creams? Quality formula firms, effective and little known • Caring for the ages, to each his own • Super mask where to buy how to make your own, recipe, secret ingredients -- Just effectively, again – cheap! • Swelling of the face, bags under the eyes are removed in a few days. The method of working with the lymph system • Treatments to improve complexion • Mamoplastia face. Method of osteopathic influence • The lifting effect after the first procedure. Learn, do, young • Areas on the body and impact methods to rejuvenate, improve the performance of the hormonal system, of course yourself • Hormones – the methods and recipes from the happy hormones to increase breast • Detoxification of the body as the need to remove toxins and old cells. How to make everyday procedures • Materials and methods to rejuvenate and preserve youth • Digestion improving assimilation of food methods. Food omologitae • Fats as therapy, helpful sweet. Hormones • The direction of physiology on the production of the hormone of happiness • Also aesthetic recipes. To remove age spots, warts, bad breath, back white squirrels eyes and much... You will receive a range of anti-aging techniques: • To eliminate forehead wrinkles • On raising up the eyebrows and lift the upper eyelids • By smoothing "crow's feet" • To eliminate puffiness under eyes • Lift double chin • For elimination of glabellar wrinkles • To raise the corners of the mouth • Complex for face-lifting and eliminate double chin • Energy practice to fill yourself with the power of rejuvenation and healing • A universal technique for the recovery of any internal SPEND Julia Fursova is a holistic therapist, osteopath, researcher of hidden reserves of physical and energetic health of the body. "The information I have received years of experienced by me and my associates, the people who once took control of his health and the state in their hands. Confirmation of his direction I find in the writings of scholars who explore man and his infinite potential. Julia Fursova" Rocha Marga is a practicing psychologist with fifteen years experience; consultant on family therapy and other, more pleasant things; the author and presenter of various training activities on the development of intelligence and creative thinking, skills of constructive interaction and communicative skills; instructor kalanetika and Pilates. Ordained to sannyasa Tantra yoga and named Margot Creek, Nisargadatta Swami Maharaj in the year 2002 in the UK. - - - The COST 3000 UAH. CHECK the seminar WHEN 8 Dec 11:00-18:00 December 9, 11:00-18:00 WHERE Odessa, Sadovaya street 16 Shanti Spa - - - QUESTIONS and ANSWERS Kulikov Light +38 063 95 33 299

The poster of the event — Rejuvenation. Workshop in Ayurvedic Spa "Shanti"
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