The events in Odessa at 06 December 2018

Anatoly Kozlovsky / Yoga Nidra

06 December 2018, 18:30
category: master class
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place: SPORTIVNO-OZDOROVITEL'nyy Tsentr "Somaplus" (lane Onilovoy, 18; sq 1 (2nd floor))

Yoga Nidra       Whether you overexert your brain or not really burden it - you accumulate stress. Whether you get tired physically or do nothing, you build up stress. Whether you eat acidic, alkaline, or vegetarian foods, you build up stress. The whole combination of these stresses determines the human nature, accumulating in the muscular, emotional and mental spheres. Yoga considers the whole complex of these stresses as a single field.       Yogic texts have been saying for millennia that the world should not be sought outside, but inside man. Therefore, if we really want to live in a harmonious universe, we need to learn the art of stress relief, to understand the wise science of relaxing the body and mind.       Both yoga philosophy and modern psychology distinguish three main types of stresses that attract the modern world to agony: muscular, emotional and mental. Systematic yoga nidra classes can completely eliminate them. Muscle tension causes imbalance in the body, as well as the nervous and endocrine systems and is easily eliminated by deep mental relaxation in yoga nidra. Emotional tensions stem from such dual states as love-hate, prosperity-poverty, happiness-trouble, and it is already more difficult to eliminate them, because we are not able to freely and openly express our emotions, restrain them, stifle in ourselves, which is why the tension only intensifies and rooted.To get rid of these complexes will help yoga nidra, which can completely remove emotional stress. Mental stress is the result of excessive mental activity, a whirlpool of fantasies, confusion and doubt. Throughout our lives, consciousness registers various impressions and stores them in mental stores. Sometimes these energies break out, affecting our body, mind and behavior. And every time we are sad or annoyed, we tend to look for a cause outside of us.       Yoga nidra offers its help: it will penetrate with your subconscious with you and relieve you of tension, step by step restoring lost harmony.       Transformation Secret:       Practicing yoga nidra, we do not just rest, but restructure, transform the personality as a whole. With each new activity we burn old samskaras, habits and tendencies in order to be reborn renewed to a new life. This process is not only faster than other psychotechnics, brings us closer to positive results, but these results themselves are obvious and durable.              ✔️when?       • THURSDAY 6 December ⏰18: 30-19: 30       Обяз record is required ❗️ phone for recording: ☎ ️ 093 196 91 92              ✔️ lead: Anatoly Kozlovsky              ✔️DONATION input - from the heart              ✔️ where?       ☀️Studio “Somaplus workshop”       Address: Odessa, Onilova lane 18, floor 2, office 1

The poster of the event — Anatoly Kozlovsky / Yoga Nidra in SPORTIVNO-OZDOROVITEL'nyy Tsentr "Somaplus"
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