The events in Odessa at 23 March 2019

Education & Vision Workshops K ^^ Fest More Music Art Days / Eugene Matyushko

23 March 2019, 18:00
category: master class
place: Art-cafe "More Music Club" (Pushkinskaya str., 75)

Everyone can change the world for the betterStart with yourself       interactive vision meeting at K ^^ FEST More Music Art Days              Registration is free upon prior registration.       -------------------------------------------------- ------------------       Speakers:       -------------------------------------------------- -----------------------       18.00 - 19.30 Friday Mikhail Balog * / Vedel School - School of Contemporary Music              18.00 -19.30 Saturday Eugene Matyushko ** / Yalanzhi Education /       Collage Paper workshop       -------------------------------------------------- ---------------        * Mikhail Balog (multi-instrumentalist, composer, founder of the school of modern music education Vedel School - School of Contemporary Music)              We are pleased to introduce the multi-instrumentalist, composer and founder of the music school Vedel School - School of Contemporary Music in Lviv - Mikhail Balog. Already on Friday March 22, there will be an opportunity to listen and see his performance in a collaboration with Oleg Shpudeyko / @Heinali / here K ^^ Fest More Music Art Days / Sound Neo Ebru ArtMikhail is known not only as a successful jazz saxophonist: the music of his electronic project Manu sounded in many sacred places - cathedrals, loft locations and temples of various faiths. As a solo artist, he participated in the festivals Jazz Bez, Alfa Jazz Fest (now Leopolis Jazz Fest) and others. He toured extensively in Europe, did joint projects with the Kurbasy theater and ethno-group, оромΣΧΑΤΟΦΟΝIΑ choir, and was a regular participant in the trio of the famous jazz double bass player Mark Tokar - Mark Tokar Trio /              One of Mikhail Balog's hobbies is Indian classical music, which penetrated his conscious and subconscious life thanks to the immersion in the Hindustani North Indian tradition under the tutelage of the outstanding, virtuoso Bansuri flute performer - Pandita Hariprasad Chaurasia.              In a meeting, let's talk:       -------------------------------------------------- ----------------       • music - art or science?       • Is it worth investing in “cultural startups”       • about collaborations, what are they for?       • about methods and models of interaction with musicians       • about genre - “live” and (or) electronic music       • people and cars - modular synthesis:        how Music, Physics and Mathematics meet       • modern music production in the age of social networks and clouds       • on how to combine theater, jazz, electronic projects, travel with the activities of a leader and top manager                     Read more about the VEDEL School project / Lviv /-------------------------------------------------- -----              Vedel School is a school of modern music, which is taught by successful Ukrainian and world musicians. We believe that the best training is practice. Therefore, the training format at Vedel School is not limited to lectures and theory. This is a space of constant interaction of ideas and their implementation. If you want to be part of a creative music community - welcome!              -------------------------------------------------- -----------------------       18.00 - 19.30 Saturday       -------------------------------------------------- ---------------       ** Evgenia Matyushko (Digital Designer, graduate of British higher school of art and design and curator of exhibitions and teacher of the project of modern art and design education Yalanzhi Education) Has been engaged in design since 2006.              Create a masterpiece in 1.5 hours? Easy! We invite you to Collage Paper - a master class on creating a modern collage from Eugene Matyushko.       -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------       It is believed that the collage became the ancestor of many phenomena of modern culture. Thanks to the collage, first of all, we develop our thinking and visual skills. A collage can be done by anyone, the main thing is to apply imagination. The main thing here is fiction and positive emotions. Using the techniques of blending and various combinations, you can create a truly worthy art object. Come create masterpieces! We are sure you will like it!Read more about Yalanzhi Education       ----------------------------------------        Yalanzhi Education is an educational project founded by artist and designer Julia Yalanzhi. Through art education we develop a person as a whole. We want to show how to lead a project and bring it to the end, how to solve creative problems on the border of functionality and beauty, how to express a conceived idea through an image. These are universal skills needed in many areas of life.       We invite everyone who wants to get a boost of inspiration and make sure        that the future depends on their view of the world, creativity, ideas and their implementation.              Additional Information:       -------------------------------------------------- -------------------       Valeria Malyarenko / Valeriza Malyarenko        Education Coordinator       096 07 49 162              *** About the art weekend more       -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------       K ^^ Fest More Music Art Days is an art weekend of the multi-format festival of music, contemporary art and a new culture created by the KGroup Music Art Film team (creators of KtoFest, Concerts in Kirche, Sound Neo, More Music Club, etc.), where the cat - a symbol of creative freedom.For several years, the K ^^ Fest festival has become a landmark, innovative, cultural event with a unique format and content that combines contemporary art, relevant and latest trends in relevant, alternative, electronic and academic music. The event format is Other and New. The art component of the festival is a unique experiment aimed at the development and support of modern Ukrainian art.        K ^^ Fest takes on the mission not only to represent famous names, but also to discover new ones.              The project is designed to become a platform for the exchange of experience, new experiments and collaborations. The organizers see one of the key tasks in uniting an intellectual audience and creating a platform for unlocking the potential of creative people who need an adequate and friendly environment free of conservative prejudices. With all our strength, soul and sincere love, we want to inspire and unite society to create progress and new global culture.               Spring K ^^ Fest More Music Art Days - these are new amazing spaces and worlds. This time - even more music, even more breathtaking beauty, poetry, boring education and the best people in the world - who will gather for 3 days - March 21-23 at the newest More Music Club at 75 Pushkinskaya Street.This year's theme of K ^^ Fest More Music Art Days spring inspiration is Music on Water: the most beautiful meanings and images in the language of poetry, music, painting, feelings, drive and experimentation and a new project of a series of unusual concerts of the same name. Because K ^^ Fest is love.

The poster of the event — Education & Vision Workshops K ^^ Fest More Music Art Days / Eugene Matyushko in Art-cafe "More Music Club"
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