The events in Odessa at 17 April 2019

Olena Borishpolets: PR at the “great” city

17 April 2019, 19:00
category: master class
100 UAH
place: Educational space "Rehab" (lane Vice Admiral Zhukov, 17/19)

Elena Borishpolets (Elena Borishpolets) - PR Director of the Moscow Musical Hall Urban Music Hall, a member of the Gromadsky organizatsii "Cultural Renovation". Member of the National Journal of Ukraine / International Press Card and blogger PR Manager of the International Jazz Festival Jazz Bez in Odessa.              Project manager of the Young Ukrainian Musics New Ukrainian Soundscapes as part of the Odessa CLASSICS International Music Festival.              ❓You can talk?              At the present PR-manager in the arsenal is great kіlkіst tools. Olena Borishpolets isn’t only a couple of people, because it’s correct that they are victorious, but that’s the argument є important communion among the whole. At Meister Classes, the following will appear:               Zvyazki z presoyu - Media relations;        Yak shukati і know the sounds of the huge in the most important countries;        Who cares about professionalism - it is important;        Press-release, read 90% ЗМІ;        Yak know and with those and interests, will result in reconfiguration;        Hto taka lyudina-orchestra and yak won help project, idea, brand;        Lideri dumok yak іnstrument.              Logged in on 17 a.m. at 7 p.m. at TseKhABi (metro Odesa, MegaCitrus on Gretsky Square, 2 on top).              Vartіst kvitkіv - 100 UAH.              Payment can be paid in advance in advance of the cove event online for the following:              Find out more about help PR and clear practical joy.Novelty TseKhAB, the distribution of calls and not in our Telegram. Subscribe to our channel:

The poster of the event — Olena Borishpolets: PR at the “great” city in Educational space "Rehab"
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