The events in Odessa at 15 September 2019

Woolen pastel - workshop by Natalia Zhura

15 September 2019, 12:00
category: master class
450 UAH
place: The art space "Siniy Crab" (Primorskaya street 42)

Want to learn how to create picturesque canvases from natural wool?       At the SiniY Crab Creative Arts Center on September 15 at 12:00, a workshop by Natalia Zhura - “Woolen Pastel” starts.              Using a layered layout of colored strands of sheep wool instead of paints, you can create an amazing textured work.       In this unique direction, which is also called "cozy creativity", the artist is not limited by the scope and prohibitions. Strand by strand creates the plot of a living picture. And the multilayered material forms the effect of special dynamics and volume.               What is the peculiarity of this genre of applied art?        What skills are needed to get the result after the first workshop?        How to choose colors, give volume, correctly arrange the strands, creating color transitions?        Find out about these and other subtleties of technology with us at a 3-hour workshop on woolen pastels from Natalya Zhura.              About the teacher: Natalia Zhura - artist, student of Valery Tokarev, Elena Tyurikova, Claudia Bogolyubova, Alexandra Ulyanich, participant of regional and international exhibitions.               The duration of the lesson is 3 hours.        Finished work - 20 by 30 cm.        Cost - 450 UAH. All necessary materials are included in the price.              The age of the participants of the workshop is 16 years old.       For younger audiences, classes will be held separately according to an adapted program.       To sign up for classes, send a message or call the number: ☎️0687185252.

The poster of the event — Woolen pastel - workshop by Natalia Zhura in The art space "Siniy Crab"