The events in Odessa at 18 January 2020

Psychological group for teenagers "teenage" (14-16 years old)

18 January 2020, 15:00
category: seminar/training
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Psychological group for teens              Age: 14-16 years old;       Duration: October-May, meetings once a week;       Time: Saturday 15-18 hours;       Number of participants: 12 people;       Address: st. Bunina, 21;       Meetings are divided by topic: acquaintance, once a month a new topic, completion.              1. Emotional development.       Adolescence is particularly “emotionally charged,” so in the group we will improve our understanding of our emotional state. We will expand knowledge about feelings and emotions, possible ways of responding to them, and also talk about the effect of emotions on relationships with other people. We will learn how to relieve emotional stress, relieve stress and emotional restraint.       2. Communication.       Communication experience acquired in adolescence plays an important role in entering adulthood. By communicating, adolescents practice social interaction skills. Therefore, we will develop communication skills in the group: learn to listen and hear, show and express our thoughts and feelings, negotiate and get out of conflict situations.       3. Sexual education.       We will talk about the need for responsible sexual behavior, reproductive and psychological health, pregnancy, abstinence, contraception, sexually transmitted infections, as well as how to build healthy relationships. Be sure to discuss the importance of respecting personal boundaries and harmony.       4. Health and lifestyle.About a person’s lifestyle aimed at maintaining health, preventing disease and strengthening the human body as a whole. Material reinforcement will be through body-oriented exercises.       5. Self-esteem.       One of the most important stages in the formation of self-love is adolescence. Teenagers often suffer from self-dislike: from appearance to character traits. At the group, the guys will re-acquaint themselves with themselves, learn to accept themselves and their characteristics, find positive even in their negative qualities and develop self-confidence. Getting peer feedback in a comfortable atmosphere of acceptance and support will be important and valuable.       6. The image of the body.       From the age of ten, the child’s body, under the influence of sex hormones, begins to grow rapidly, develop and change. The teenager becomes disproportionate.       Sex hormones are most active, due to which secondary sexual characteristics intensify in adolescents: in girls, breasts increase, menstruation appears, in boys a voice mutates, an Adam's apple appears, hair on the face, body grows, pollutions appear. Such physiological changes cannot occur without a trace for the psyche of the child, because everything is interconnected.       The teenager is increasingly asking the question: "Am I normal?". The guys will have the opportunity to understand that they are all different, but they are all normal.       7. Career guidance.The choice of a profession is a very important decision, and among schoolchildren the idea of ​​a future profession is often of a fantasy, romantic nature. In order to make the teenager more consciously approach this issue, we will talk about interests, goals and potential, personal and professional qualities, fears and dreams. We will develop the ability to correlate our individual characteristics with the requirements of the professions of interest. We will discuss the importance of conscious choice of profession and internal readiness to make decisions independently.       8. Creativity.       Realization of a teenager’s creative potential cannot always correlate with his school performance or parental preferences. The group will be held using elements of art therapy and expressive art techniques.              Leading groups:       Arseniy Gritsenko - psychologist, gestalt therapist, rehabilitologist, family therapist. Experience in conducting groups and individual counseling for more than 6 years.       Maria Sagaidak is a practicing psychologist, sociologist, gestalt therapist. Leading children's and teenage groups.              Record and questions in drugs and by phone:       0964186406 Alexandra       Bunina St., 21

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