The events in Odessa at 18 February 2020

Art-Psy_Club / Our Creative Feb / Petal Flower

18 February 2020, 18:00
category: master class
from 350 to 600 UAH
place: Location (look in the description)

❄❄❄Our Creative February! ❄❄❄ ☃❄拾Updated ANNOUNCEMENT workshops!拾❄☃ 18.01 - Petal. Interior painting, with elements of gilding. "Flower", a beautiful combination of colors and gold. Picture richly decorate the interior and fill with pleasant emotions. 22.02 - "fiery dance" (oil)- bright, hot and passionate, free, sexy and beautiful. She wakes up when it needs to, then the forces of nature take their toll. What is your inner Queen and mistress? This motif helps to develop the inner blocks, fears and clips. To explore your shadow side, and to make contact with internal, female , force of nature. 25.02 - "Deserted beach" (oil)- solitude, silence, harmony, and resource. The window in the summer, rest and filling resource. Writing to fill an internal balance. 29.02 - Watercolor. Painting U-Sin. "Pomegranates" A symbol of wealth, prosperity, abundance and success. This symbol will fill the house with the right meaning and will become expensive gift. *Oil - price 430 UAH. (all materials are included, the basic canvas 25*35) * Watercolor - cost 350 UAH. (all materials included) * Patal cost 600 UAH. (all materials are included, basic canvas, 35*35, a larger format is possible with surcharge) * Fluid Art (acrylic) - price: 600 UAH. (round canvas, diameter 40) and 550 (square - 35*35) Entry is open and binding. 067*801*66*18 (or viber telegram) * or 096-606-46-25 Where? PR-t Shevchenko, 2, office. 202 ☝If you want to be aware of all news, contact this number 067*801*66*18 (or viber telegram) * Want in. And we will add you.朗 Give gift certificates come in pairs, and with children, we love the whole family.殺拾

The poster of the event — Art-Psy_Club / Our Creative Feb / Petal Flower in Location