The events in Odessa at 15 February 2020

Gouache massage

15 February 2020, 10:00
category: seminar/training
from 4200 to 4500 UAH
place: Studio of massage arts "Grasa" (Troitskaya str., 39)

February 15 10:00 @ February 16 17:00       ODESSA. Two-day seminar of Yana Yatsevskaya “GUASA from the point of view of BMT and physical rehabilitation”.       The cost of training for prepayments: until 7.02 - 4200 UAH, and from 8.02 - 4500 UAH.       training seminar "GUASA from the point of view of TCM and in physical rehabilitation, body correction."              TEACHER - international master with 20 years of practice, judge of international, Ukrainian and regional massage championships - YANA YATSEVSKAYA.              The cost of training is 4500 UAH.              Gouache massage ideally combines ease of implementation and effectiveness, which makes it available for widespread use by specialists. This excludes the difficult stage of precise localization of the points, which is necessary for acupuncture or cauterization. There is also no need for painstaking setting of needles or other effects on a single point. Instead, exposure is to rather large treatment areas.              Used scrapers of various configurations from jade or horns of Chinese animals, porcelain spoons, coins .... A massage is performed on special oil.              At the seminar, you will learn the technique and ergonomics in working with various massage tools, learn about the viability of using one or another scraper (tool) in solving various health problems, not only from the point of view of TCM. But also with fascial shortening, trigger points, etc.You can read more about the course here -              Apply for training -

The poster of the event — Gouache massage in Studio of massage arts "Grasa"