The events in Odessa at 17 February 2020

Film show / Blue Dani

17 February 2020, 19:00
category: movie
place: Urban Music Hall (Rishelyevskaya street, 33)

Dania, 2025 rіk. After the terrible terrorist attack in Copenhagen in the country, the intolerance has grown rapidly. In front of parliamentary elections, the rating of the extreme right natsionalialista Martina Nordalya strіmko zlіtaє vgoru. Zakaria entered the ranks of the radical organization, de to know from Al. Meta organization - be-yak to protect the coming to power of neo-Nazis. Young people get ready to enjoy the best, do not give a shit, but stink - you just need more than a great politic.               Country: Dania, 2019        Timing: 120 hv.       ⭐️ Genre: thriller        Director: Ulaa Salim       ✨ Cast: Mohammed Ismail Mohammed, Zaki Ussef, Imad Abul-Ful              The show is held for the Arthouse Traffic and Culture Bridges               Koli: 17 fierce        Hour: 19:00        The entry for the front registration:

The poster of the event — Film show / Blue Dani in Urban Music Hall