The events in Odessa at 18 February 2020

Saypha Face: Create Face Architecture

18 February 2020, 10:00
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Dear cosmetologists, we invite you to the large-scale SAYPHA FACE conference. Creating face architecture              When? - February 18       Where? - In Odessa              Speakers:       Andrey Petrovich - dermatologist and cosmetologist at the Aesthetic consilium clinic, an expert in injection techniques, scientific director of TOTIS, scientific director of the APIC Congress.               Dmitry Garbuzov - candidate of medical sciences, dermatologist of the highest category, head of the network of cosmetology clinics DECOclinique, international speaker of Croma, speaker of TOTIS.                     At the SAYPHA FACE conference, the main inquiries of clients with whom they turn to cosmetologists will be highlighted:              ✅Architecture of a business person. How to create a visible result for a client that does not catch the eye and at the same time fulfills the client’s business tasks? What procedures can be done in one go?              ✅ Insta-image architecture. How to create trending features that look beautiful on photos? What are the stages of correction and a combination of techniques?              ✅Architecture of a young face. How to create the maximum anti-aging result? How to combine revitalizing, volumetric and lifting procedures?              ✅Fashion-image architecture. What tasks need to be solved to create an image? How to work with injection makeup?              ✅Architecture of a positive image. What are the real needs of patients who need a positive image? What procedures and how to combine to get the result?During the practical part of the conference, the following techniques for contour correction will be analyzed:              ✅Volumetry       ✅Lifting       ✅ Contouring       ✅Profiloplasty       ✅Optical effects       ✅Injection makeup              Registration for the conference number  094 855 15 15       Or follow the link ➡️

The poster of the event — Saypha Face: Create Face Architecture in Location