The events in Odessa at 15 February 2020


15 February 2020, 19:00
category: play
from 180 to 350 UAH
place: Theatre "House of clowns" (St. Olgievskoy, 23)

The performance of "Atella" in the House of clowns. "Atella" is one of the most eccentric and funny comedies of the repertoire of the Mask. It has everything: dyed moor and the beautiful Desdemona, the girl. And her maid, Emilia, was by no means a girl. Magic tricks, songs and dances. Freshly-salted cucumbers, vodka, and even strawberry! Rumors of a clearly night the adventures of Desdemona and the moor, reach Senator Brabantio, the sibling of the girl's father. The source is lake babysitter and maid of Desdemona. Cassio-minded, ambitious, willing to voluntarily take the place of the moor, as in the position of General, and in bed with Desdemona. A — figushki! All of his adventurous thoughts confuses Iago Joker, the good genius of the General, his brain and right hand, deposed to the position of corporal, for the sarcastic nature, black mouth and long tongue. A cheerful disposition and a born wit, Iago, becomes the cause of intrigues and intricacies, the fine network which includes all the participants of the above events. And, a secret: Atella drunk not to drive through the Palace in a bloody wife — Desdemona nor axe, nor hammer, nor with a knife. Especially chopping up her fragile body with a chain saw, a file or nail file. And Vice versa — strangling her in his arms, and thus conceives a child with her. And now, as punishment, pay to the men. Ask — who? In life do not guess! The performance involved actors of the theatre "Masks" George Deliev, Boris Barsky; Natalia Buz'ko, Igor Malakhov; Alexander Postolenko; Mikhail Voloshin. The actors of the beloved "Village of Fools": Vadim Nabokov and Tatyana Ivanova. The highlight of the performance – Oksana Kulikova.

The poster of the event — Atella in Theatre "House of clowns"