The events in Odessa at 18 February 2020

Men's Sound Meditation

18 February 2020, 19:00
category: more
300 UAH
place: Yoga Studio "by Jogada" (Marshala Govorova, 18a)

I friend of mine recently said Julia, and when it's a meditation sound? And how not to read your invitation - all favorite women favorite women Yes..) Like only them need it. Yes, dear men, you are right! You need no less than we. The sound is unique, what works for everyone equally. Children, adolescents, women, men. For him still. Just there are tools which are more interested in men and emit what you need for them, and there are like women (this is not accurate, it is my observation). So, for men are very important strong First Chakra! Survival, production "mammoth", strength, power. Men more active than women. And there are tools that are well awaken the masculine nature of the activity. ✨Hong ✨Tambourine ✨Tibetskie singing Bowls large diameter ✨Harp All this will sound to you, Men! And you will leave with a meditation: 1️⃣ With a rested body 2️⃣ Calm mind 3️⃣ With belief and intention can move mountains Well, maybe you can just sleep tight. That's fine too WHERE and WHEN? Every Tuesday at 19:00 in the Studio with Jagadam - Govorova 18A Cost 300 UAH advance payment ONLY 5 spots! Your booking (viber, telegram) 098-239-34-27 Waiting for you Dear Man!

The poster of the event — Men's Sound Meditation in Yoga Studio "by Jogada"