The events in Odessa at 17 February 2020

Malevolent Creation (USA)

17 February 2020, 19:00
category: concert
400 UAH
place: Art-cafe "More Music Club" (Pushkinskaya str., 75)

For the first time in Ukraine, a cult death metal band Malevolent Creation with the presentation of the new album "The 13th Beast" Support them on stage will be: Domination Inc. (Greece) / Sphinx(UK) / Panzerlied (Ukraine) Tickets on sale: Malevolent Creation started their career in 1987 in Buffalo, new York, where they recorded their first demo. Moving to more productive music scene of Florida, they released a second demo with a circulation of 1000 copies. The third demo was released a year later and was recorded by Scott burns at Morris Sound studios, resulting in MALEVOLENT CREATION have inked a deal with Roadrunner. Their first full-length album titled The Ten Commandments was released shortly and many consider it one of the strongest debut albums in the genre of Death Metal. The process of recording two albums, Retribution and Stillborn, occurred with the changes in composition that it became common for groups and it has even become a trademark of MALEVOLENT CREATION. Phil Fascian summarizes it this way: If you're too slow, you have to go.” Never allowing the musicians to adversely affect the strength and skill of the group, the rotation only added mystery and has sparked the interest of fans to the next stage of the band's career. Becoming stronger with each release, MALEVOLENT CREATION, which is sometimes called the Mike Tyson of Death Metal never disappoint with new additions or replacements. The brutal terror from Florida continued to produce more albums: Eternal, Joe Black, In Cold Cold, Fine Art Of Murder, Envenomed, The Will To Kill, Warkult Doomsday X and was then released one of their best to date album Invidious Dominion. on scene their support: Domination Inc. a native of Athens, a young band 5piece has released his second album - "Memoir 414". Greek musicians to fill the void that separates the modern rhythm metal from powerful thrash and proclaim a new era of heavy metal, providing energetic music and live performances. The Sphinx project was born in 2012 as a solo project of guitarist Bruno Martino, and soon found a new member, Antonio vélez, joining in 2013 as a drummer. After writing the EP "Immortal" Daniel and Andre joined the group by the end of 2015, completing preliminary training EP by 2017. Friends with old age, with similar tastes in music, games and knowledge of fantasy, has developed the group for many years. With punishing technical riffs, low lows, and brutal vocals, Sphinx offers a fantastic tale, and heavy medieval history, imbued with the energy and aggression. The concert will open - Panzerlied, the Odessa band that plays melodic death metal. Present to your attention a killer set , will zakipyatit your blood before the legends of the genre Death metal.

The poster of the event — Malevolent Creation (USA) in Art-cafe "More Music Club"