The events in Odessa at 17 February 2020

Marina Ravcheeva: "Development of special features"

17 February 2020, 18:00
category: master class
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Can't "know yourself"?       Mate bagato druzya, but can you feel self-conscious?       Don’t deny the satisfaction of working robots, do you don’t know who wants to use it?              Mi rozpovіmo yak usvіdomiti myself and my soul in the world.       In the master-class, you know how to identify yourself and how to develop specialties for E. Erixon, you can see yourself.       Having respected the intimacy, we want to develop the reach of all life and mum 8 etapіv. Let's talk in detail about the master-class, which will be 28 days.              I will ask those who are keen on hunting to have a shipment.       The group is formed with a small number of participants - up to 15 years old, older than 18 years.       Fate is bezkoshtovna, prote registration obov'yazkova:                 Hour and time spent: 17 fierce 2020 r, 18: 00-21: 00       for the address: prov. Lermontovskiy, 13 / entrance from Leontovich’s side (Belinsky’s colony)       ☎ Dodatkova information for the phone: 050 337 00 75; 050 337 00 76       The master-class is conducted by Marina Ravcheeva - psychologist consultant, certification psychotherapist (2 steps) and certification supervisor (3 steps) in gestalt training.                І Decіlka of important rules of participation in the master class :          Do not take notes.          Dotrimuvatisya conf_idency.          Do not evaluate and do not navigate labels.          Vidviduvati meister class on one topic is not more than two times.       Zahid organized under the project # Зміцнення_СОСіальної_згуртованості Charity Fund Caritas Odessa UGCC

The poster of the event — Marina Ravcheeva: "Development of special features" in Location