The events in Odessa at 18 February 2020

Speed ​​reading for schoolchildren

18 February 2020, 15:00
category: the courses
place: Center of intellectual development "Orpheus" (lane Rope, 6)

Amazing successes await a child who can read quickly, correctly and understand! Literally every subject of the school curriculum is based on the ability to read and - it is imperative to understand what is read, to assimilate, to remember. The book becomes the first mentor of the child, and the trouble is that schoolboy who can not make friends with her. But it is so simple!              The Speed ​​Reading Course is designed for those children who have difficulty reading or want to read better. Textbooks, children's books, the Internet will open wide doors to an inquisitive child in the world of fascinating knowledge, fairy tales, unique knowledge.              A schoolboy changes his attitude to study: it becomes interesting and easy to learn!              The goal is to give impetus and develop interest in learning new things, starting from reading!              Who needs speed reading:              - Do you want the child to learn easily and have fun?       - He is distracted and likes to “miss” in the classroom?       “He's doing homework all night?”       - Slowly reading and not remembering?       - Doing homework is a family nightmare?       - According to the technique of reading, you are reluctant to put a little "six"?              What we practice in the classroom:              * Speed. After the course, the child will read 2 times faster. He will be able to absorb information 2-7 times better.       * Understanding. The child will begin to perfectly understand and remember the text. Retelling, other subjects will cease to be a problem for him.* Imagination. An integral part of memory, creativity, and even ... mathematical logic. The child will begin to think in images. That allows you to understand, analyze read much better.       * Verbal intelligence. Rich vocabulary, competent speech, understanding of new words and their meanings.       * Love for learning. Thanks to speed reading, the child will be tightened in all subjects.       * Self confidence. Finally, he will cease to be afraid of school and teachers and will begin to please himself and you with good grades.              Start: from 18.02 (Tuesday)       Age: 6+       If you want to learn how to make your child learn easily and with pleasure, call and sign up by phone: 063 538-63-38

The poster of the event — Speed ​​reading for schoolchildren in Center of intellectual development "Orpheus"