The events in Odessa at 17 February 2020

Fundamentals of watercolor with a focus on botanical illustration

17 February 2020, 12:00
category: the courses
2000 UAH
place: Art Studio "cottage by the sea" (Pushkinskaya str., 67)

✨New Course in the House by the Sea✨       Basics of Watercolor with a focus on the Botanical illustration!       While working on images of flowers, you will learn how to use tools and learn all the stages of working with watercolors.       The course is organized with a gradual complication of the material,       8 lessons will be held imperceptibly and informatively in a pleasant and warm atmosphere of the Lodge by the sea. Вар water color rose a3 format       ✨ watercolor peony a3 format       ✨ Watercolor Hortensia format a3       ✨ watercolor Lilies a3 format              After completing the course, you will receive basic watercolor skills sufficient for independent work with the material. You will learn to work on the creation of a botanical illustration in stages, and you will be able to use the knowledge gained in the open air and when drawing a house from a photograph or from memory.              Price? 2000 UAH. (All materials included)       1600 UAH. (With one's own)       When? Start February 17 12:00 every Monday       The duration of the lesson is 1 hour. 30 minutes.       Where? Pushkinskaya 67 "House by the sea"       For the record you need to make an advance in the amount of 500 UAH. or full payment. There is also the possibility of a gift certificate ✨✨✨       Details in direct or by calling 0984436953

The poster of the event — Fundamentals of watercolor with a focus on botanical illustration in Art Studio "cottage by the sea"