The events in Odessa at 17 February 2020

IFRS (IFRS) 15 "Revenue from contracts with customers": keep records

17 February 2020, 09:30
category: seminar/training
place: Hotel "Gagarinn" (Gagarin plateau, 5B)

The program of the seminar: 1. Contract assets and contract liabilities: nature and necessity recognition 2. Identification of the contract with the buyer as the primary step in the recognition of revenue from the core activities. Modification of contract: choose the account approach 3. The allocation of responsibilities for contract – based income generation in accounting from the seller (executor). 4. Determining the transaction prices under the contract for the formation of the income according to the contract. New approaches to old problems: the treatment of discounts, returns, and long-term advances received from the buyer 5. The post a refund to the buyer: cost or reduction of revenue 6. The allocation of the contract price between the obligations of the seller to execution (executor) 7. Methods of income recognition under contract accounting, the seller (executor): simultaneously or over time. Criteria for recognition of income in a period of time. Methods for evaluating the degree of fulfillment of contractual obligations 8. Features of cost accounting on the contract and its execution. 9. The accounting for warranties issued to buyer

The poster of the event — IFRS (IFRS) 15 "Revenue from contracts with customers": keep records in Hotel "Gagarinn"