The events in Odessa at 30 March 2020

How not to become a vegetable. Lecture from the paddle-practice

30 March 2020, 18:00
category: presentation
place: The restaurant, co-working lecture "4City" (Kanatnaya str., 27/1)

Lecture and book presentation Oksana Moroz “Nation of vegetables? How information is changing the thinking and behavior of Ukrainians.” Odessa. 30 March at 18:00 in 4City (vul.Rope, 27/1). The lecture is free, but attendance by pre-registration   -- How often do you disagree with the decision of the majority? Or wondered how it is possible to watch, read, listen to, do? How can you vote for it, to believe it, to protest against this? Every year the surprise is becoming more and convincing explanation less. However the explanation is. The informational world is infested with viruses. They infect us daily. They are the guides to thousands of harmful allegations. This lecture on how to resist the contamination of information viruses. From the book “a Nation of vegetables?” you: ✅ learn what computer viruses are, and learn how to recognize them. ✅ learn how to protect yourself, children and friends from the Industry virusmakers. ✅ get acquainted with the work Industry that creates computer viruses. ✅ and without the conspiracy will learn how the industry has changed each of us. About the author: Oksana Moroz almost 20 years in the industry virusmaker, manipulating public opinion. Implemented more than 1000 projects, in particular, he worked on presidential and parliamentary elections, participated in withdrawn of financial institutions from the crisis. Among her clients were top politicians and businessmen, which heard almost every Ukrainian. 2015 is also a regular guest speaker at Kyiv-Mohyla business school. She left the industry virusmakers and it was first described, opening the curtain to her world. In this book all her experience of the manipulation of opinions, which is more than 60 000 hours of practice. Book here  

The poster of the event — How not to become a vegetable. Lecture from the paddle-practice in The restaurant, co-working lecture "4City"