The events in Odessa at 30 March 2020

OFAM From Home / Excursions Odessa Artistic

30 March 2020, 15:00
category: online
place: Art Museum (Sophia, 5A)

 Ideo online at once by our guides! Schopenedilka, right in front of that schop’atnitsa about 15:00.              ✔️ Rozpochne strіm Yuliya Berdіyarova with the main excursion of the main exposition of the Odessa Artists at the Pyatnitsa, 20 birch trees at 15:00.              ✔️ At ponedilok, 23 birch, Tetyana Tokarchuk will conduct an online excursion entitled “The Mystery of the Rosum: sculpture in Odessa Art”.              And in the middle of the most interesting excursions to our museums - the most up-to-date report is the closest hour to appear in the whole event                De: Facebook and Instagram ( the side of the Odessa Art Museum        Koli: schoponedіlka, right ahead and schop'yatnitsі about 15:00        Trivial online excursion: 30-40 hvilin

The poster of the event — OFAM From Home / Excursions Odessa Artistic in Art Museum